Academics - Academic Calendar

1. Academic Session begins in 1st week of Nov.

2. Winter Vacation     - 2nd week of Dec / 1st week of Mar.

3. 1st Unit Test         - 1st Week of Dec

4. 2nd Unit Test        - 2nd Week of Apr.

5. 1st Term Exam     - 3rd Week of Jun.

6. Hemis Break        - 2nd Week of Jul(10 days)

7. Class Picnics        - 4th Week of Jul.

8. 3rd Unit Test        - 4th Week of Aug.

9. 2nd Term Exam    - 2nd Week of Oct.

10. Academic Session ends in Oct end.


1. The above dates are liable to change.

2. All holiday will be based on Jammu and Kashmir govt holiday.